La Tribu 64 | 1st edition
Article published on 29/11/2012

Information for an ecological triathlon

The Baudreix Triathlon has been awarded with the Sustainable Triathlon label.

The « Sunstainable Triathlon » label

The organizers that want to participate in the federal approach to sustainable development can ask for the "Sustainable Triathlon" label, if they fullfill 5 of the 7 following criteria:

  • MANDATORY: Appoint a "Sustainable Triathlon" leader, which ensure compliance with the following points:
    A Sustainable Development manager is choosen.
  • Use only paper cups:    
    We use reusable, recyclable and biodegradable cups.
  • Do not use plastic water bottles:   
    This difficult point is to study.
  • Establish a clear and appropriate signage around "clean areas"    
    Done in collaboration with the Community of Municipalities
  • Implement a waste sorting :
    Done in collaboration with the Community of Municipalities
  • The organizer is committed to promoting a solution of carpooling :
    Establishment of a forum on the website of the event
  • The organizer undertakes to promote the opening of his races in one of the following target groups (disabled athletes, female, youth, transgenerational).
    2 races available to disabled triathletes and promotion of a Famillies Challenge ...

Your responsabilities

By participating in the Baudreix Triathlon, you participate in this process:

  • you observe clean areas and you do not throw waste in nature.
  • you use the dustbins placed at your disposal during the race. You can be punished by arbitration if you do not follow this rule.
  • you participate in sorting and you limit the use of cup by bringing back your used cups.
  • you participate in carpooling and you limit your trips