La Tribu 64 | 1st edition
Article published on 29/11/2012

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This F.A.Q section sums up various questions that are regularily asked and that are not answered in other pages of this website.
  • This section will be progressively filled. Do not hesitate to contact us for any complementary information.

What is my personal space and how to get there?

  • Your Personal space is a website page that allows you to follow or complete your registration, fill in your personal information (including your password) and quickly view all your results.
  • Your Personal space is available at the right of the main menu by clicking on the link  Access to my personal space
  • If you do not remember your password, simply click the link I forget my password...

Can I register multiple races at once?

There are two answers to this question according to the races on which you wish to enroll:

  • For children, it is possible to register as a single race 6/9 Mini-Poussin, 6/9 Poussin, 8/11 or 10/13.
  • For children, it is still possible to register for the race on both 10/13 and on race XS.
  • For adults, it is possible to register several races at a time without restriction.

How do I get a refund if I no longer want to participate on a race?

The repayment terms are set out in the settlement of races (accessible from the menu Races > Rules).

Do I need parental permission if I am a minor and licensed?

If you are a minor licensee is not required to provide parental consent.

Why my registration is not validated?

  • Validation of your registration is realised ​​by the organizer of the race from the provided documents (license, parental consent, ...) and according to your payment.
  • Validation of payment may require more time if you are paying by check. Payment by Paypal is automated, thus we can validate the payment once it is completed and after verification of the amount compliance.
  • If you want to update your registration (provide documents for example), it is possible to do so from your personal space.

How much is a registration on a race?

The cost of registration is variable and may be based on different criteria:

  • The race you choose
  • The date you pay your entry (not the date you sign up)
  • if you are licensed or not (a surcharge may be added if you are not licensed)
  • If you pay by Paypal secure online solution (+ 1 uros) or by check.